ACCORDING TO A 2019 SURVEY, INSTAGRAM, YOUTUBE, FACEBOOK AND TWITTER ACCOUNT FOR FOUR OF THE TOP FIVE MOST IMPORTANT CHANNELS FOR INFLUENCER MARKETING. As you can imagine, as more brands turn to influencer marketing as a tactic for finding new customers and building relationships with existing ones, these platforms have become oversaturated with reviews and sponsored content.  And, as a result, almost half of social media users find sponsored posts annoying. But don’t be discouraged! Despite this fact, influencer marketing still holds a lot of value. The trick is to find the right influencers and campaigns for your brand. These are the people with audiences that have a need for, or an interest in, your products and services. In this post, we’ll show you some of our favorite examples of influencer marketing by brands and influencers who (we think) got it just right. EXAMPLE #1 – AUDIBLE, INC. Audible, famous for its audiobooks, started collaborating with YouTubers in the gaming, entertainment and education spaces years ago. Since then, the company has expanded its influencer program to other social channels, including Instagram and Facebook.  Carole Radziwill, known on Instagram as caroleradziwill, is one of the many influencers that has collaborated with Audible. Rather than go in for the hard sell, her posts talk honestly about how she integrates Audible into her lifestyle. In another example, a YouTuber by the name of Honest Finance does a review of Audible that has nearly 85,000 views. He says he’s used Audible for years, painting himself as an authentic fan of the brand. He also says he wants his viewers to decide for themselves if Audible is a good fit for them. Again, no hard sell, which his viewers seem to appreciate. What You Can Learn:  Avoid the hard sell  Select influencers who already love your brand  Don’t be afraid to encourage influencers to share their honest opinions of your brand

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